Bates Street Lock & Safe

Bates Street Lock & Safe in St. Louis

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Wireless Installation

No costly or unsightly wiring.

No central control panel to fail.  Should one unit fail the rest of the system continues to operate.

Immune from power failures.  

Can be installed in areas where wiring would be difficult or impossible to run. 

Full Featured Access Control

Auto Lock/Unlock Schedules.

Holiday Schedules.

Multiple Shift Schedules.

Up To 2,000  User Codes and/or Proximity Cards.

First Person In Unlock

24/7 Access

Temporary Lockout

+ More

Models To Fit Most Door Types

Models For:

Wood, Steel, Vinyl and Aluminum Doors.

Interior or Exterior Doors.

Privacy Model available

Exterior models are weather proof and operate in temperatures from -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C) 


Need to add additional doors at a later date?  No Problem!

Just install additional units and program.  No need to upgrade or expand a main control panel.

Access Control Systems For All Budgets

You can install a complete system in stages.  One area in this budget period and another area the next period and so on.

Available with or without Wi-Fi functionality.

Also available in a the more aesthetically pleasing ArciTech Series.

Digital only versions (no clock/calendar) available.

Programming Options

Can be programmed at the keypad door lock or with a laptop with optional software and cables or from a desktop  with a Transfer Module and software.

Can also be programmed from a PC using Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi models only)