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DIY Home Alarm Systems In St. Louis

Entry Door Alarm

Door Alarm With Entry Delay

Standalone home alarms are the perfect security solution for people looking to secure their homes without expensive installation and monthly monitoring costs.   These alarms can be heard up to 1,000 feet (300 m) away, alerting you, the neighbors—and most importantly—the intruder that movement has been detected.  These alarms are a great addition to your student's dorm room, the young professional's apartment, or the family looking for a simple solution to secure doors, windows, and more. 

Door/Window Alarm

Door Window Alarm

The great thing about a

SABRE do-it-yourself home alarm is that since it doesn't require electrical connection, you don't have to run any wires or hire an electrician.  Just install your door alarm or window alarm and, within minutes, you're protected.  Plus, the door and window alarms are perfect for travelers, since they come with self-adhesive pads, so you can set one up in your hotel room and sleep with the same peace of mind enjoyed at home.

Motion Sensing Alarm

Motion Sensing Alarm

  For those living in a busy apartment building or a dormitory, a motion sensor alarm inside the door will remain silent as neighbors pass by, but should intruders open the door, the resulting alarm will blow them away with its 120 dB wall of sound. 

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Alarm

  Install glass break sensors on your windows and a door sensor on each of your entrances for perimeter protection.  An entry chime setting will alert you when someone enters or leaves.  Change to alarm mode once everyone is inside and it's time for bed. 

Attractive Design

Entry Door With Alarm

 SABRE's full line of affordable accessories allow you to design the stand alone alarm system that's right for you, no matter how big or small your house, family or budget.   You can start small with one scalable DIY home alarm and add additional sensors and alarms at a later date. 

Yard Signs & Decals

Yard Sign

 In the meantime, posting home security signs in your yard and decals on your windows will give your home an added layer of security; since burglars and intruders—having no idea how far your protection extends—will take no chances, and pass you by in search of a less secure target.