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High Security Key Systems

Do you need to give out keys to your business but don't want them copied?  The twin bladed BiLock key can not be duplicated on standard key duplicating machines.  Key duplication is limited to the people you specify at the time the system is set up and can only be duplicated at Bates Street Lock & Safe.  If you need to be sure that the keys you give out are the only keys out, you need BiLock.  

Automotive High Security Keys

At Bates Street Lock & Safe we can duplicate most auto keys including transponder (chip) keys. Lost all the keys to your car?  We can decode the tumblers in your vehicles locks and originate a new key to the manufacturers specifications and then program the new keys into your car.. 

Master Key Systems

Bates Street Lock & Safe specializes in Master Key Systems. This type of key system allows you to have multiple keys and locks with one master key that will open all locks. Master Key Systems are usually used by businesses that have multiple employees needing access.


We will discuss your needs and advise you on which safe best fits those needs.

Cabinet Locks

Bates St Lock & Safe can provide routine requests by appointment to help repair or install cabinet locks.

Interchangeable Core Locks

Bates Street Lock & Safe can provide you flexibility to manage other keyed locks. This type of product is recommended for commercial businesses.