Lock Re-Keying

Full Service Lock Re-Keying

Re-Keying is the process of taking the cylinder from an existing lock apart and replacing the combination tumblers with new tumblers set to a different key combination.  The advantage of re-keying over replacing is cost and appearance.  I am putting the same lock back on the same door, so the appearance will be the same as it was before.  It just works with a different key.

When I re-key a lock I don't just re-key it, I perform a complete service on the lock using  this 7 step process:

  • Clean the cylinder of dirt and old lubricants.
  • Inspect the lock and cylinder for any problems that might cause a future lockout.
  • Inspect the springs for proper operation and replace if necessary.
  • Inspect the drivers and rotate or replace as necessary.
  • Install NEW high quality combination tumblers, accurate to within one thousandth of an inch of factory specifications.
  • Lubricate the cylinder and lock bolt.
  • Test the lock and cylinder for proper operation making any minor adjustments necessary to ensure the smoothest operation