Residential Locksmith Expert 

Welcome to Bates Street Lock & Safe where we provide the master key to all your security needs. We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving the St. Louis and surrounding areas since 1974.

Residential Lock and Safe Services

  • Keys Duplicated
  • New Locks Installed
  • Lost Keys Replaced 
  • Locks Repaired 
  • Locks Changed/Rekeyed
  • Safes Serviced, Opened & Repaired
  • DIY Home Alarm Systems

Door Locks – Knobs, Levers, Deadlocks, Digital Locks

  • Sales
  • Rekeyed
  • Opened 
  • Replaced 
  • Installed 
  • Keys Made 

Keys Duplicated

  • Auto
  • Auto Transponder Keys
  • Cabinet Keys
  • Drawer Keys
  • House Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • “Skeleton” Keys
  • Master Key Systems 
  • Interchangeable Core Systems Installed and Serviced 

          BRANDS…Arrow, Best, BiLock, Falcon, Sargent, Schlage, Yale 


High Security Restricted Access Key Systems

  • BiLock Authorized Dealer – Call us for details.


  • Sales
  • Service
  • Openings
  • Repairs
  • Safe Services
    • Professional Safe Services For Home or Business
  • Electronic Safe Lock Conversions
    • We can convert many dial operated safes to electronic locks which can give you added features including:
    • Up to 30 User Codes including Master Codes and Manager Codes.
    • Audit Trail
    • Single or Dual Control Modes
    • Time Delay 0-99 minutes
    • Time Delay Override
    • Time Lock
  • Safe Repair
    • Safe hard to open?  Handle broken?  We can fix that.  Whether it’s a broken handle, binding door, loose dial or defective electronic keypad we can diagnose the problem for you and suggest the most economical way to repair your safe.  Many problems can be fixed right on the spot.
  • Safe Openings
    • Safe not opening?  Whether it’s a lost or unknown combination or the safe doesn’t want to open with the correct combination we can open your safe, in most cases without drilling.  
    • Many safe lock malfunctions can be bypassed with safe lock diagnostics.  In those cases where it becomes necessary to drill we practice precision safe drilling using the smallest size hole possible in a location that will not be seen when repairs are finished.
    • Many safes with lost or unknown combinations can also be opened without drilling provided the lock is working smoothly and there are no other issues to deal with.
  • Combination Changes 
    • Need to be sure that a former employee or previous owner can’t get into your safe?  We can reset the combination to your safe to a new one so that only you know the combination.
  • Key Cutting and Replacement
    • We can replace or order new keys to most key operated safes.
  • Safe Lock Service
    • We can service and inspect your safe lock to ensure that all the components are working properly to avert any breakdowns or lockouts that might arise due mechanical failures.
  • Battery Changes
    • Not sure how to change the batteries or would rather have someone who knows what they’re doing change the batteries for you?  We can change the batteries for you and advise you on how often you need to change them depending on the safe type and the amount of usage.
  • Installation of Safes
    • We can level and bolt down your safe so that the door doesn’t swing open or closed causing damage to walls or injury to people.

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Bates Street Lock and Safe provides

the Most Secure Key System Available

Pick Proof

The unique dual sidebar locking system makes the lock effectively pick proof. A well-known lock picking expert in England has made a pick for this lock, however, we have been informed that you “pretty much have to have a working key in hand to make it work”. Of course, if you have a working key in hand, you really don’t need to pick the lock.

Copy Proof

Unauthorized key duplication is the single most important security consideration of any lock. It is estimated that over 40% of illegal entries result from unauthorized key duplication. If someone can get a copy of your key made locally (or online), you have lost control of your security. And worst of all, you may never know it has been done. 

The unique double bladed key cannot be duplicated on standard key duplicating equipment. In fact the key cannot be duplicated at all, it has to be cut as an original key each time and then assembled into the finished key. This requires two machines, available only to Authorized BiLock Dealers. An Authorized BiLock Dealer will not copy BiLock keys made by another Authorized Dealer and will only make keys for previously authorized individuals from a list that YOU provide. The COPY PROOF KEY design prevents unauthorized key duplication ensuring that the keys you give out are THE ONLY KEYS THAT WILL WORK YOUR LOCKS.

Bump Proof

Lock bumping is a form of lock picking that has been known to locksmiths for several decades. Bumping involves using any key that will enter your lock face and using it to open any lock combination.

The key is cut to a special code that will allow it to open any lock ever sold with that profile. These keys are readily available on the Internet. The holder of the key will put the key in the lock, then bump the tumblers and with the correct timing can turn the lock to the open position.

There is no drilling or loud banging required. Just a simple tap and a quick turn and they are in. Bumping takes advantage of the split pin tumbler by causing the top and bottom halves of the tumbler to separate. When all the tumblers have separated you can turn the key to unlock or lock the lock.

Any lock with split pin tumblers is susceptible to bumping. That includes about 99% of the locks ever used on a door.

BiLock uses a one piece tumbler. The tumbler will not separate and is therefore BUMP PROOF.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our staff that works in or on your home, business, or automobiles have gone through extensive training and will be knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the service they are providing for you.  We will get your safe or door unlocked, we will create keys that work, and we will help you in developing your security systems. Whether an initial consultation, repair, rekey, unlock service, product selection, or installation, you’ll be serviced by a professional that will treat you respectfully and fairly.