Safes St. Louis

TL15/TL30 High Security Safes

TL15 3219 High Security Safe

The 4" thick, UL certified drill resistant door with 

1 1/2" diameter locking bolts, protects your valuables 

like a mother bear protecting her cubs.

A 1/2" Ballistic Steel plate along with a Glass Plate 

Relock system and Group 2M, UL Certified

Manipulation Resistant Lock (other lock options are

available) provides protection against the most 

 determined burglar.  The TL-30 version has a second 

1/2" Ballistic Steel plate.

In addition to providing superior burglary protection, 

the full composite construction of the 2 1/2" body and 

4" thick door provides 2 hours of protection against


Heavy plate steel construction and high quality 

adjustable hinges will provide years of dependable 


RSC Composit Safes

RSC Composit Safe for Home or Office

The 1.7" thick door with 1" diameter locking bolts provides

protection from forced entry.

A 1/2" Ballistic Steel Plate along with a Spring Loaded

Relock system and UL certified electronic lock provides

protection against a determined burglar.  An additional 1/4"

Ballistic Steel Plate in the side wall of the safe protects the

1" diameter locking bolts against punching attacks. 

In addition to providing excellent burglary protection, the full

composite construction of the 1 1/2" body and 1.7" thick door

provides 1 hour of protection against fire.

Heavy plate steel construction (3/16" thick steel door and frame

and 12 gauge body) and high quality hinges will provide years

of dependable service.

Depository Safes

Hayman B-Rate Depository Safes

Keeping your cash deposits safe and away from outsiders as well as unauthorized employees is at the heart of each of these units.

Steel bodies are formed from solid steel and are reinforced in and around the door frame for strength and security. 

Four holes are provided in the bottom for securely anchoring to the floor.

The doors are 1/2” solid steel and backed up with specially hardened drill resistive plate.

All doors have a spring loaded re-locking system to dead lock the bolt work in the event of a forcible entry attempt.

Saw tooth baffles have been added to prevent fishing in the front loader.

A detent system that will automatically extend the bolts whenever the door is closed.

Only U.L. Approved locks are used, assuring reliability in daily commercial operation.

Fire Safes

FlameVault by Hayman

Available in both 1 hour and 2 hour models a fire safe will give you the confidence to know that your valuable records are safe from the perils of fire.

You have a choice of combination or electronic lock to secure your valuables. The electronic lock will allow you to change your own access "pin" as you see fit.

Most fire safes have:

Removable drawer

1 hour certified fire protection

Anchor hole in bottom provided